The community of free, local programming clubs for young people

In over 100 countries, CoderDojo is the free, fun way to learn programming for young people.

Public, accessible venues

Dojos take place in public, accessible spaces such as libraries, community centres, and even cinemas. Some venues provide equipment for young people (Ninjas) to use.

Enthusiastic volunteers

Dojos are run by amazing, supportive volunteers who give their time to support young people.

Free learning resources

Our website provides cool, free projects and other learning resources that anyone can use!

CoderDojo graphic with young people and various objects

Volunteer at a Dojo

There are lots of ways for Dojo volunteers to support their Dojo: they can plan Dojo sessions, promote sessions locally, communicate with parents, decide on learning resources, mentor young coders, and organise the space.

You don’t need to be a programmer or technology specialist to get involved! Lots of volunteers are parents and guardians of Dojo participants, and they start with no technical experience. Dojos benefit from having mentors with different skills, backgrounds, and levels of knowledge to support and encourage young coders.

Woman mentoring a boy. Image credit: Marie Greene

Start a Dojo

Another way to volunteer is to start your own Dojo and become a CoderDojo champion. A CoderDojo champion takes charge of setting up and maintaining a Dojo.

All you need to do is find a public venue to host your Dojo sessions and complete our simple application process. Our website provides resources and training to support you, plus we have a dedicated system to help you to manage your Dojo sessions.

Mentor explaining coding concept on a whiteboard

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